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BlackTop on Entire Jeep
Posted by admin on 24 March 2017 02:52 PM

“I wire wheeled the entire tub, used the three stage Chassis kit Chassis Paint Kit – KBS All-In-One Chassis Kit – KBS Coatings – prewash, metal prep, then applied paint with a brush/roller,.. I painted the chassis, tub (inside & out), fenders, hood, bumpers and windshield frame.. The main thing with this type of paint is to do ALL of the prep work, however painstaking it may be, and READ the instructions twice before starting. (That advice is for any of the rust preventive sealer paints.)” -JavaTree on

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Gas Tank Coated Inside and Out
Posted by admin on 17 March 2017 11:44 AM

“Finished my fuel tank this past weekend and all went well. I had first started with cleaning the tank and welding a few holes up in my 44 gallon aluminum tank. I do have to say that this all took a matter of weeks to complete because of proper drying and work schedule. The process was very straight forward. I couldn’t believe how well the Gold Standard coated the inside of the tank with multiple baffles in the tank. I then painted the exterior with gloss black. This being in the hull of my boat never to be seen by sun again but it sure looks good. Thanks for such a great product!” -Glenn B.

RustSeal  Tank Sealer

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XTC on Exhaust Pipes
Posted by admin on 16 March 2017 03:31 PM

“I used your Pure White XTC spray on paint to solve what has been a constant problem with the side pipes on my car since I’ve had it. After a good prep & XTC Primer, several coats applied as directed, I now have the best results yet. Thank You!” -Bill C.

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RustSeal Safety Blue on Alternator
Posted by admin on 04 March 2017 06:09 AM

“Had my Ford 6G high output alternator rebuilt, and wanted to refinish it. Regular spray paint just do not hold up under the hood. I tried Rustseal Safety Blue, as it was close to Ford blue. Glad I did! Was very easy to apply, spread well and self leveled perfectly on all the alternators cast surfaces. Once it cured, it was not only rock hard, but the blue is beautiful!! The color is awesome, bright and looks great!!” -Robert B.

Check Out RustSeal

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